Venio Cloud: Lightning-Fast End-to-End eDiscovery SaaS

Whether your needs are large or small, Venio Cloud is the flexible, end-to-end eDiscovery SaaS for you.


Focus on your business, add new cases of any size and complexity, and deliver increased value to your customers without worrying about the security, availability, and performance of your eDiscovery platform.


Venio Cloud is your turn-key solution to peace of mind.

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End-to-End eDiscovery in One Cloud

Fully Managed, Secure Cloud Delivery

  • Onboard clients, cases, and users without waiting
  • License only what you need, when you need it
  • Highly available, secure and fully managed cloud-scale infrastructure

Lightning-Fast eDiscovery Processing

  • Up to 10x faster processing (up to 10 TB/day)
  • Scale to petabytes of data across thousands of cases and users
  • Simultaneously process multiple media, custodians, and job types
  • Reorder jobs with no data loss or rework

AI-Powered Assisted Review

  • Powerful alternative to high cost review-only solutions
  • Auto-collection and logical tagging for tiered reviews
  • Native redaction, email thread view and mobile data visualization
  • TAR/CAL reduce data to be reviewed up to 90%

Highly Automated Operations

  • Up to 10x higher productivity
  • Customizable & automated workflows
  • Out-of-the-box wizards and templates
  • Automation for quality-consistent outcomes

Interactive Analytics

  • Immediate insight and action with dashboards
  • Sample data for strategic analysis or quality checks
  • Visualize email gaps and communication patterns
  • Identify key custodians, aliases, and time gaps

Self-Service eDiscovery Client Portal

  • Secure, browser-based drag-and-drop uploads
  • Intuitive self-service interface cuts time and costs.
  • Users create new cases, upload data, perform analysis, searches, review, and production with ease.
  • No need to ship data or install software
  • Collaboration without adding additional licenses

Cloud Core eDiscovery

Cloud Core, Project Based eDiscovery Offering

Get in the eDiscovery fast lane with Cloud Core – Venio’s full featured SaaS, eDiscovery offering with project based pricing. This lighting fast offering sits on the Venio Cloud backbone and includes unprecedented security. Venio has designed Cloud Core with service providers, small law firms and corporate attorneys in mind.

Cloud Core For Service Provider

  • Competitive edge in Cloud-based eDiscovery market
  • Easy to learn consistent user interface
  • Full-featured, end-to-end eDiscovery
  • Rapid implementation

Cloud Core For Law Firms & Corporations

  • No annual commitment
  • Consistent, easy to learn UI
  • Native AI analytics and reporting
  • Enterprise-level security



"At Imagine Reporting, we believe that technology should help our customers reduce cost, time, and risk associated with legal discovery. Venio Cloud is a game-changer in the world of eDiscovery. It is a true SaaS with all the capabilities, from ingestion to production, that our clients need for fast, accurate, and on-time results. With bank-level security and infinite scalability, Venio Cloud has everything we need to scale our business and serve our clients better."

Brandon Barlow
Chief Technology Officer at Imagine Reporting

“NearZero Discovery has been working with the Venio team for 4 years and understand the power of their eDiscovery solution. Venio Cloud is a great new step in the right direction. It can provide an alternative to having to manage your own eDiscovery software, infrastructure, and licenses. The fact that Venio has bundled all the capabilities of its on-premise software in a single cloud-native application is especially exciting. I'm looking forward to continuing to grow our already strong partnership with the Venio team."

Richard Wessel, BSc, CEDS
President & Lead Consultant

"Litigation Edge stands for excellence in eDiscovery. We believe that the future of eDiscovery is tied to the new advancements in technologies, like artificial intelligence and cloud computing. Venio Cloud is a great step in that direction. We are excited about its highly-secure, cloud-scale infrastructure and end-to-end capabilities, like blazing-fast data processing, AI-powered review, and interactive analytics."

Brad Mixner
Co-Founder and Technology Strategist