Venio ECA: Eliminate Risk and Protect What Matters with Analytics, Insights, and Defensible Deletion.

Unintended sharing of confidential data in the early days of litigation is the number one cause for disappointing case results and leakage of sensitive information.

Venio ECA is the only early case assessment solution to analyze and quickly reduce large amounts of data by up to 90% through in-place indexing, pre-processing, and culling. Quick and powerful reporting, modern UI, and automated workflows provide you with everything you need for decisions regarding which data to share with your partners.

Unlike other solutions, Venio ECA delivers unprecedented deployment flexibility as standalone or an add-on capability on our end-to-end eDiscovery platform, both on-premise and in the cloud.

Built on a unified data layer and platform, Venio ECA is secure, fast, and will not lock you in to a specific technology, framework, or tool.

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Experience the Only Standalone ECA Product in the Market 

Reduce and Manage Risk

  • Visualize risks in the case data
  • Access and analyze metadata, text, and reports in-house for maximum security
  • Prevent confidential data exposure
  • Securely share relevant data with your trusted partners

Protect Reputation and Business Interests

  • Sift through all your data with built-in filters and reports
  • Make strategic decisions earlier in the case lifecycle
  • Leverage all case data within your review platform

Reduce Data and Resource Overhead

  • Cull the data not relevant to the case
  • Reduce the time and expense of sending, managing, processing, and reviewing large datasets
  • Use in-place indexing to reduce overall storage footprint

Control the Cost of eDiscovery

  • Cut costs by up to 70% when sending data out for processing and review
  • Cut time of the litigation by up to 50%
  • Manage budgets and cost through out-of-the-box reports and analytics
  • Upgrade to VenioOne or Venio Cloud to get full end-to-end eDiscovery when you need it

Avoid Missing Data

  • Utilize intuitive search
  • Visualize email communication
  • Visualize timeline of the data

Make Early Strategic Decisions

  • Gain immediate access
  • Benefit from color-coded tagging
  • Utilize pre-built reports and dashboard


"I've heard many professionals in the eDiscovery industry say that when their data leaves their company’s firewall, they have no way to know how safe it is. They’re concerned that once their data is no longer in their own on-premise storage, it might be transferred multiple times to various types of media, causing the risks of exposure to increase multifold. They need a way to reduce the amount of data that leaves their premises so they can reduce that risk while not getting overwhelmed by the complexity of analyzing and culling all that data themselves. Venio ECA offers the solution they’re seeking -- a way to minimize exposure by dramatically decreasing the amount of data that leaves their protection."

Chris Jurkiewicz,
Venio co-founder and EVP, Client Services

"eDiscovery professionals are dealing with a constantly increasing amount of data, which means their expenses are always on the rise as well. They’re looking for a way to cut the cost of eDiscovery without tying up their workers in endless data analysis and culling. Venio ECA is the answer. It can reduce their costs by as much as 70 percent when sending data out for processing and review, and also allows them to cut their litigation time in half. Venio ECA’s analytics and out-of-the-box reports are the key to finally getting eDiscovery costs under control."

Ankur Agarwal,
Venio’s VP of Products