Venio Review: Highly Cost-Effective, Easy-to-Use eDiscovery Review Platform

For your legal review and investigative teams to quickly review documents and find the most relevant information -- without manual data imports, third-party integrations, and expensive stand-alone review tools -- Venio Review is the solution you’re seeking.

Venio Review is the fast, easy-to-use, single solution that eliminates the risk of exposing sensitive information while improving the speed and quality of your entire review process.

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Why Venio Review? One Single Platform For All Your Review Needs

Faster, More Accurate Reviews

● Powerful Search, Filters, and Query Builder quickly surface       what matters most
● TAR/CAL reduce data to be reviewed up to 90%
● Auto-collection speeds up tiered reviews
● No steep learning curves or heavy support by PMs needed

Reduce Expenses

  • Flexible licensing: No user-based cost
  • No third party add-ons required
  • On-premises, cloud, or hybrid delivery
  • Leverage all case data within your review platform

Risk-Free Review and Production

● PII/PHI Entity Identification reduces risk
● Native Excel Redaction protects financial data
● Immediate insight and action with dashboards
● Built-In secure data sharing and collaboration

Higher Quality for You and Your Clients

● Visual tools give reviewers a better perspective
● Options for quick QC and sampling ensure accuracy
● Dashboards provide PMs with immediate oversight
● Better strategy outcomes for trial teams



“So many eDiscovery review platforms have complicated search functions with steep learning curves. What we needed was one with a simple-to-learn search functionality that gave us quick, easy access to past searches, saved searches, and allowed us to change their scope and easily do filtering when needed. Venio Review has all of those features and makes our review process more accurate while saving us valuable time."

Tattyanne Seda
Litigation Support Manager Kluger,
Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L.

“Dealing with redaction in review has been a complicated process. We have to identify and remove sensitive financial information in Excel files, but viewing them outside our eDiscovery platform or as image files wastes valuable time and increases our costs. What we need is a single platform that lets us redact files easily and quickly -- and that’s what Venio Review delivers. It saves time, reduces expenses, and, because it allows us to remove sensitive data, it reduces our risk.”

Abbye Needham
eDiscovery Services Mgr.

Key Venio Review Features


Fast, Intuitive Search to Find Information Quickly

  • Fast and powerful search capabilities
  • Easy-to-use Advanced Query Builder
  • Powerful filters for immediate insights into your dataset
  • Saved searches, search history, and dynamic folders

Native Redaction and Entity Extraction Reduces Risk

  • Highlight and redact native Excel files to avoid reviewing them manually outside the platform or from text files
  • Identify and remove business-critical and PII/PHI
  • Eliminate the need to hunt for important confidential data
  • Prevent sensitive data from landing in the wrong hands

AI-Powered Modern Review

  • Reduce case data by up to 90% to reveal what matters most
  • Easily identify missing or deleted email content
  • Drill down into individual conversations with social network diagram
  • Enable tiered reviews with auto-collection
  • Increase efficiency and productivity of legal review teams with logical tagging

Interactive Analytics for Actionable Insights

  • Gain immediate insights and enable rapid ECA with customizable widgets and layouts
  • Sample data to ensure collection is complete
  • Visualize flow of email communications and merge duplicate addresses
  • Identify key custodians or actors, potential alias email addresses and time gaps
  • Interactive timeline and social network diagram

Customizable UI for Ease-of-Use

  • Customizable, with templatized review sets and screen layouts
  • Highly responsive interface
  • Faster document-to-document speed for better results
  • Improve teams’ strategy development for better outcomes

Flexible Licensing and Deployment Model

  • Licensing not based on per-user model: license only what you need, when you need it.
  • Project-based payment options mean your use of Venio Review can grow with your business
  • Database supports cases housed in different locations
  • Choose where data is stored based on case requirements

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