Introducing Cloud Core

  • Will Pfeifer
  • April 29, 2021

Venio Systems is excited to introduce its newest offering, Cloud Core. If you didn’t get a chance to attend our informational Cloud Core presentation on April 27, please click here to view the recording.

What is Cloud Core?

Cloud Core is a full-featured, end-to-end eDiscovery solution, where we incorporate project-based pricing. Cloud Core’s foundation is the Venio Cloud backbone. The benefits of this technology lie in the ability to onboard clients and cases in minutes, with 10X faster results and a higher return on investment. 

Among the other advantages of Cloud Core:

  • Easy, Self-Service Case Setup
  • Drag-and-Drop Data Upload
  • Advanced and Intuitive ECA Analytics
  • Greatly Improved Process Flow
  • Easy Global Collaboration
  • Rapid Implementation

Why did Venio create Cloud Core?

Cloud Core was developed to address challenges that had been expressed by firms in the eDiscovery market:

High Upfront Costs and Unpredictable Monthly Fees: Cloud-based competitors make up a rapidly growing segment of the current market, but this is a market that many of our customers are not able to tap into, due to potentially high costs. These costs include third-party tools that are licensed per user and per model as well as the costs of training and support. Cloud Core, with its more affordable project-based pricing model, allows them an avenue into the cloud-based eDiscovery market. 

Higher Risk: Another issue facing eDiscovery firms is increased risk, whether it involves the danger of accidentally sharing business secrets or the difficulties of redacting financial data. Client embarrassment is another potential risk, both for a company’s reputation and the potential financial impact and loss of business.

Wasted Time: Many companies find themselves wasting time having to re-do work that’s already been completed or having inadequate search tools that don’t allow sufficient examination of ECA or even fail to deliver the right search results. Overly complex features and disparate tools can slow down the eDiscovery process, adding long (and expensive) delays.

Quality Issues: Less accurate reviews, inefficient use of a company’s resources and questionable strategic outcomes can be major challenges resulting from a less-than-ideal eDiscovery platform.

Who Did We Create It For?

Venio developed Cloud Core for companies whose caseload is small and unpredictable, and who don’t want to spend a large amount of capital on upfront fees. Cloud Core was also developed for companies who:

  • Want to automate and streamline their eDiscovery Process
  • Are not comfortable with a yearly commitment
  • Are looking for intuitive UI

Cloud Core Features

Cloud Core is an end-to-end, cloud-based eDiscovery solution. This means:

  • Single Cloud Platform: No multiple interfaces
  • Ingestion-to-Production: One single platform for the entire process, from ingestion to production
  • Native AI (TAR/CAL) for Review: Latest tools to do the job efficiently and effectively
  • Deep Intuitive Analytics
  • Venio Cloud Backbone: Same strength and reliability of Venio Cloud, just a different economic setup


Cloud Core is a SaaS offering that is built on state-of-the-art infrastructure with the best security in the world. It’s powered by reliable grids with rollover generators, and offers protection against viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, hackers, trojans, phishing, and other threats. We offer VPN connectivity for users with two-factor authentication. Venio maintains the system and loads the latest releases in a multi-tenant environment. We ensure systems are backed-up and verified, making sure your data is protected.

Cloud Core’s other features include:

  • Enterprise-Level Security: 
  • Global Accessibility: 
  • Hosting by Venio in Azure Data Center
  • Lightning-fast, Effortless Access to New Features
  • Pricing per Project and Gigabyte

The pricing structure, with pricing per project and based on storage use, make Cloud Core the unique product that it is.

Cloud Core Program

  • Highly Competitive: With other eDiscovery, cloud-based offerings in the market.
  • Less than $10 per GB: For storage and processing of your data
  • Project-Based Free, Month-to-Month Commitment (not Annual): If you’re just starting out or have seasonal caseloads, Cloud Core might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Cloud Core Limitations

  • Five-User Limit: This is actually a soft limit. You can add as many users as you’d like for an additional monthly fee.
  • Throughput of 50GB per Day: Still fast enough for the biggest companies
  • Less than 10 Cases per Month (Economic Limit): This is a variable. It all depends on how many gigabytes you’re running through the system and how many cases you’re running. If you’re reaching the threshold of that limit, you might be better off switching to Venio Cloud.
  • Cloud Core is a stepping stone to Venio Cloud.
  • You Can Stay on Cloud Core if it’s right for you.

Is Cloud Core Meant for You?

If your case load is small and unpredictable, and you don’t want to invest a large amount in upfront fees or commit to annual fees, Cloud Core might be for you. Cloud Core is scalable to large cases, but it’s important to consider the economic tipping point where Venio Cloud might be the better choice. Contact Venio Systems at (855) 662-8600 or to run the numbers and see whether Cloud Core or Venio Cloud is a better solution for your specific needs.


How is Venio different from other cloud-based eDiscovery providers?

It depends on which provider you are talking about. Venio differentiates itself from some of the more popular providers because of its flexible multiple offerings. Whether you want to go to the cloud or take your eDiscovery on-prem, Venio is probably the only company in the industry that can let you do that. Venio is also unique when it comes to eDiscovery self-service and collaboration. You can collaborate  securely with businesses, outside counsel, third parties, or anybody that you have to collaborate with. And finally, the way Venio has designed its offerings allows them to work regardless of what stage of eDiscovery maturity model you might be in or what your budget might be. Venio has a variety of offerings that are available, depending on your specific needs. Venio’s major focus is on reducing the amount of time that it takes to do eDiscovery, from processing, to review, to production. We also deliver time-saving automation, allowing you to do most of the processes through templates and automate your workflows. 

Why can’t I just use month-to-month services for all my eDiscovery needs?

You absolutely can. There’s no reason for you to feel constrained by one package. But the reason Venio offers its Venio Cloud (in addition to Cloud Core) is the economic tipping point we mentioned earlier. When you are doing month-to-month, you are obviously paying a bit more per GB as you would under an annual subscription. At some point in time, you might have to decide that you have a definite workload, and you’ll calculate that it’s easier and more economically beneficial to go with an annual subscription for your cloud-based eDiscovery. In some cases, companies try to differentiate their services and offer a month-to-month service that offers fewer capabilities than their more robust annual-fee service in an effort to push them toward the annual commitment. Venio is not doing that. The capabilities of our month-to-month Cloud Core service are the same as Venio Cloud. The only difference is how much you want to spend. 

Is Cloud Core just an entry-level cloud product?

The question seems to be, “Is Cloud Core a poor cousin to Venio Cloud, with fewer capabilities than a full-fledged cloud service?” The answer is NO. We announced Venio Cloud, our highly scalable cloud platform, earlier this year. Cloud Core is exactly the same as Venio Cloud, with the only difference being the month-to-month subscription. The reason for the difference in payment structure is that Venio Cloud and Cloud Core are aimed at two different markets of different sizes and with different needs.

Is Cloud Core an attempt by Venio to compete with its service provider partners?

No. Venio is not a legal service provider. Venio only provides software, and Cloud Core is a way for companies to add to their suite of offerings and see if a month-to-month, project-based pricing structure is something your customers are interested in. Cloud Core is a way to enter a market that you might not have been able to earlier and gain a competitive edge.