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5 Features in VenioOne OnDemand Self-Service eDiscovery Software that Clients Love

  • Ankur Agarwal
  • December 7, 2020

Technology has brought many changes in how things are done in every industry, including legal services. Most legal service providers are adopting self-service eDiscovery technologies that enable them to provide efficient services to their clients at a lower cost without compromising their service quality. Having a keen eye on their customer’s needs, many legal service providers adopted VenioOne OnDemand (VOD) as a full-featured, easy to use, self-service eDiscovery platform. Here are the 5 features in VOD that their clients absolutely love:  

  1. End-to-end, browser-based self-service eDiscovery software 
  2. Easy drag-and-drop file uploads with lightning-fast, reliable processing
  3. Customizable, interactive Analysis and Review Dashboards
  4. Simplified data exports with rapid image generation
  5. Fully secure and highly intuitive collaboration with protected ‘invite to upload’ and sharing links


1: End-to-End, Browser-Based Self-Service eDiscovery Software

VenioOne OnDemand upgrades legacy and time-consuming eDiscovery workflows with a full-featured, end-to-end eDiscovery software that is fully browser-based. VOD allows end-users to upload, process, and analyze data, review, tag, redact, and even produce exports, all from their chosen Internet browser in an infinitely scalable and secure environment. With VOD, the clients quickly and easily create cases and upload information through any web browser, so they can work from anywhere. Not only that, it’s lightning-fast and capable of processing up to 10 TB of data per day. 

End to end eDiscovery software platform - VenioOne OnDemand

2: Easy Drag-and-Drop File Uploads

With VOD, it’s never been quicker or easier to initiate a case and start data analysis. The drag-and-drop upload feature enables clients to simplify data processing even when working from home. There is no need for slow, error-prone FTP transfers as the data goes straight from your system to Venio’s secure data repositories. Simply drag-and-drop the files, which queues them for processing. The VOD dashboard shows progress in real-time as VOD’s powerful and lightning-fast back-end engine processes multiple job types and media concurrently. Automatic notifications keep users up to date on progress and system performance, eliminating the need to constantly monitor the system. 


3: Customizable, Interactive Analysis, and Review Dashboards

Processing data well is only the start of the eDiscovery process. As soon as that is done, teams need to get meaningful insights into the data and reduce the volume prior to moving into the review phase. VOD’s Analysis and Review dashboards contain customizable and flexible widgets. These widgets can be saved in multiple different layouts to gain the insights users need. Here are a few ways users can deploy and use these widgets:

  • Create an email layout that contains relevant email widgets, including the Social Network Diagram, a visual spider-web view of the communication within the selected data, to show important relationships and communication volume. 
  • Quickly tag domains like ESPN and Amazon as irrelevant using the Domain widget. 
  • Use the Language widget to quickly locate, designate, and send foreign language documents to a translator. 
  • VOD’s Review dashboard allows a more detailed analysis of the data. The Review dashboard is also fully customizable and layouts can be saved for reuse in multiple projects.

VOD comes with a full-featured Review capability that includes tags, folders, dynamic folders, metadata and other information panels, the document viewer, and collaboration and redaction tools. 

4: Simplified Data Exports

VOD features advanced encryption and data compression capabilities for more robust data transfer approaches than traditional eDiscovery software. That combined with our distributed processing engine, which can simultaneously process multiple job types across multiple media, means that exports are ready much quicker than expected. With VOD, export creation is simplified while still providing a wide range of export formats. Users can create production sets on their own and download the output through the web browser or share links provided via email.

Self-Service eDiscovery Platform - Full Secure Collaboration


5: Secure and Intuitive Collaboration Tools

Modern legal and investigative teams need a way to securely share data or collaborate with others working on their cases, such as experts and witnesses. VOD’s collaboration tools require no additional licenses and enable data from search results, tags, or folders to be shared with either external or internal parties via email. Collaborators receive a secure link to the data and may even add notes to documents if enabled. Features like set-to-expire for shared links, activity tracking, and document permissions add an extra layer of security to give you the confidence that your data is safe even after it has been shared with external users.

VOD also has a secure ‘invite to upload’ feature that allows paralegals, clients, custodians, or IT team members to securely upload case data (from anywhere in the world) to Venio’s highly secure database. 

In a nutshell, VOD’s powerful collaboration tools facilitate real-time communication while eliminating the chain of custody and security concerns.


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