Developed by a team with decades of experience in e-Discovery and legal technology, VenioOne is designed to be intuitive, highly scalable, and easily deployed in all legal environments.

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Complete Platform

Experience the VenioOne difference with our unified platform that powers every phase of e-Discovery: processing, early case assessment, legal analysis, culling, review, and digital production.

Agile System

We know what you expect from e-Discovery software: an accurate and efficient tool. We deliver on that and more, bringing you a complete platform with unparalleled agility and ease-of-use – scalable from small to large data sets, deployable locally or in the cloud.

Improved Workflow

VenioOne streamlines the e-Discovery process, saving your team time and resources that can be put to solving mission-critical litigation challenges.

Working for Our Partners

At Venio Systems, we promote e-Discovery solutions that support the goals of our partners and clients rather than competing with them. It is a simple mantra, but one that has led us to develop an all-in-one, agile platform that is responsive to your needs.

Learn more about unified platform that powers every phase of e-Discovery in this brochure.